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why i only weigh myself once a week

This morning the scales flashed 100.8kg at me, which means I had a loss of 800g this week, YAY!!! It also means I'm nearly into double digits. *happy dance* I just wanted to have a quick chat about why I only weigh myself once a week. In the past, I've become a little obsessive with the scales. I remember most...

the crepe defeated me

http://www.instagram.com/maisonsthonore/?hl=fr This week I had a tiny gain on the scales. I weighed in at 101.6kg; I gained 100g from last week. So here's a little re-cap of my week. Monday & Tuesday went smoothly. On Wednesday I went out for Brunch with my best friend to a cute a little French cafe. We shared a chicken & cheese crepe...

that time of the month.

Yesterday I had a little visiter. Her name is Aunt flow. My weight always seems to fluctuate during this time of the month so I didn't think I'd lose much weight but, I was pleasantly surprised. I stood on the scales and they read 101.5kgs which means I had a loss of 800g (1.76ibs). Last week went really smoothly. I...

i lost 2.5kgs in 1 week

Guess who lost 2.5kgs (5.5ibs) in 1 week?? ME!!!! *happy dance* It was such a nice feeling stepping onto my scales this morning to see 102.3kg flashing back at me. I thought I'd lose around 1kg, so seeing a 2.5kg loss has really motivated me for this week. In February last year I joined weight watchers (or ww as it's...

hitting the weight loss reset button

The time has come. The time for me to hit the weight loss reset button. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I turned 34. I went to a lovely Mexican restaurant for dinner with my family and friends. We all were having a great time enjoying fantastic food & cocktails, but one little thing ruined my...