let me inspire and motivate you to live a healthy, happy life and to never have to diet again!

hand up if you're confused about what you should be eating to lose weight??

Low carb, high carb, no fat, high fat, gluten free, sugar free, diary free, meat free, the list could go on and on and on....

Is your hand slowly raising..?? That's totally okay, I was confused too. So confused that I tried over 15 diets!!!

I've created this little space on the net so you DON'T have to waste your time trying diet after diet. I failed on so many diets but I've gained so much food & nutrition knowledge along the way.

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it's michelle's life is a place for...

  • Real talks with you about stretch marks & wobbly bits

  • Interviews with other babes that have lost weight to motivate and inspire you.

  • Delicious and healthy recipes

  • Sharing my knowledge (and new things I learn) about weight loss and living a healthy, happy life

"i want this to be your go-to place for weight loss motivation, wellness inspiration, and amazingly tasty, but healthy recipes"

my story

Like I mentioned up above, I've tried over 15 diets.

I would find a new diet that that promised the World, get super excited thinking "this is the one, this is the one that's going to make me skinny".

I'd follow the diet for a couple of weeks & lose a couple of kilos, "woop woop" . But then the cravings would kick in, that double chocolate fudge brownie would be calling my name. The feeling of deprivation would hit and you guessed it, the brownie would be in my stomach before you could say, well...brownie.

When dinner time rolled around I'd think "okay I've stuffed up", might as well have pizza for dinner". Then before you know that one moment of eating the double chocolate fudge brownie turns into a whole week of bad food choices. The new diet excitement would be left back at the brownie bakery and I would gain back the couple of kilos I lost + an extra 1 to 3 kiloes more. I would get super annoyed with myself for failing the diet and look for the next diet to try.

This cycle happened most of my adult life. And guess what? I didn't end up losing any weight but gained a whole bunch more and ended up weighing over 115kgs.

At 115kgs I was miserable. My feet were constantly throbbing, none of my clothes fit, red rashes were appearing on my body, I always felt tired, I never wanted to leave the house and the worst part....my family were worried about my health.

I was sick and tired of dieting and new something had to change.

I took little snippets from some of the diets I tried over the years & did a whole bunch of research about food and nutrition. But the main aspect I needed to get right in my life was to make a lifestyle change.

I needed to find a way of eating that was healthy, helped me lose weight and wasn't restrictive in any way. Something I could do forever so I never had to diet again....and that's what I've done!

I've currently lost over 20kgs and the scales go keep going down, week by week.

I still have more weight to lose so why not join me on this journey and let me share with you my philosophies, weight loss tips and advice I learn along the way.

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