7 healthy options to order at mcdonald’s in Australia

we all want to know what are the healthy options to order at mcdonald’s in Australia !?

healthy options to order at mcdonald's in Australia

So we all want to know what are the healthy options to order at McDonald’s in Australia?

Picture this. You’re driving home from a busy & stressful day at work, when out in the distance you see it, you see those golden arches. All of a sudden your stomach starts to rumble & you realise that you were so busy today, you forgot to have lunch.

The arches get closer, your stomach is literally growling at you so you do it, you turn the wheel and before you know it your lining up behind 5 cars at the drive through.

As another car pulls in behind you, a little panick sets in. You’ve been so good with your healthy eating this week & you don’t want to stuff it up by ordering 5000 calories worth of food. So what do you order?

Well I’ve done some research for you and I’ve found 7 of the lowest calorie items to order at McDonald’s.

garden salad (with no dressing)

The basic garden salad has a total of 21 calories. This would be great to have as a side option rather than chips.

gourmet chicken salad – grilled chicken, no dressing.

The gourmet chicken salad comes in at 213 calories. Not bad for salad. The 2 best choices for dressing would be the balsamic dressing (58 calories) or the Italian dressing (11 calories)

grilled chicken snack wrap

If you’re just after something small to keep you going until dinner the grilled chicken snack wrap comes in at 233 calories and should do the trick.


Wanting a burger? The simple hamburger has 252 calories.

chicken nuggets

6 chicken nuggets have 265 calories.


The filet-o-fish burger has 309 calories.

soft serve ice-cream

Wanting something sweet? One of the best options would be the basic soft serve ice-cream with 146 calories

Oh, and lets not forget. McDonald’s also have apples on the menu at 37 calories

Just out of curiosity I had a look to see which item had the MOST calories. It was the Gourmet Angus, Truffle Mayo and Cheese Burger with a total 875 calories!! Hmmm, I’ll pass thanks!

So if I was to order my dinner from maccas I’d go with the garden salad, the grilled chicken snack wrap and maybe a soft serve. I think a 400 calorie dinner from McDonalds suits me just fine!

What healthy options would you order at mcdonald’s?

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