hitting the weight loss reset button

The time has come. The time for me to hit the weight loss reset button.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I turned 34. I went to a lovely Mexican restaurant for dinner with my family and friends. We all were having a great time enjoying fantastic food & cocktails, but one little thing ruined my night.

About half way through the night the iPhones came out and it was picture time. I did my best little pose and made sure to lift my chin slightly up to disguise the double chin. I double checked the picture that my mum took to make sure I looked “okay” and I was happy-ish with the picture, I looked “okay”. This is the picture below.

hitting the weight loss reset button

All was good in the World until I saw that my brother was taking some pictures so when he was finished I asked to have a quick look at the pictures he took. I started swiping through my brothers camera roll and saw this picture!

weight loss reset button

As you can see, I had no idea this picture was being taken. I was in my own little World & I had no time to pose. I quickly sent this picture to myself and deleted it off his phone. Seeing this picture totally ruined my night.

When I got home later that night, I was lying in bed and had another look at the picture. Instead of seeing myself having a great time, all I saw is my top clinging tightly to my arm, a double chin and belly.

I know I’ve gained a few kilos over the last few months but I didn’t think a few kilos would make THAT much of a difference to my appearance. So long story short, seeing this picture has given me the kick up the bum I need and I’ve hit the weight loss reset button to get my weight loss journey back on track.

ugh…scale….it’s an ugly word.

I’ve been avoiding them the last couple of months but this morning I bit the bullet and cautiously stepped onto them. 104.8kg starting blinking back at me!!!

The GOOD news is I’m not back to where I first started (116.2kg) thank goodness, but I have gained around 6kgs from my lightest weight from last year. Cringe.

I usually do weight loss updates over on my youtube channel but I think for now I’m going to do the updates here on my blog. It feels a little bit more cosier on here. To be honest with you, I’ve lost my youtube confidence I once had. Maybe one day my confidence will come back and I’ll start making weight loss updates on my youtube channel again, but for now here seems like a good place to start.

So that’s my little weight loss update. I think I might leave it here for now. I’ll go into more details about how I’m going to lose the weight in the next post. In a strange way it actually feels very therapeutic typing this blog post.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this post as I don’t get many people visiting my blog, but I think this will help keep me motivated and It’ll be a nice little way for me to track my journey and how I’m feeling.

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