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by making a lifestyle change brenna lost 30kgs (68ibs) and feels like she’s truly LIVING life!

Weight Loss Success Brenna“I want women to feel empowered by their own capabilities and take off flying as they grow their own wings!”

When did you start gaining weight?
I’ve always been on the thicker side as a child growing up however I gained a majority of my weight right after high school when I moved into the dorms at a University and afterwards moving into an apartment with friends.

What was your heaviest weight?
I didn’t like to step on the scale often and I didn’t document my ‘heaviest weight’ until I had started to see some results so what I have documented is just over 240lbs (109kgs). I’m 5’7″ tall.

What made you decide to lose weight / what was your turning point?
My turning point came when a doctor asked me at the end of a routine physical “So Brenna, how long have you been carrying this extra weight?” — To me this was not only eye opening but it was also devastating because I thought I was hiding the fact that I had gained weight. I saw something different when I looked in the mirror than what was reality. I’m happy that I was able to feel confident at my heaviest but I was clearly overlooking my health.

How much weight have you lost?
I’ve lost 68lbs (30kgs) and went from a pant size 22 to a size 10!

How did you lose your weight?
I lost the weight by eating healthy + hitting the weights and cardio at the gym! I made healthier food choices (whole wheat instead of white, water instead of soda, etc..), I educated myself on portion sizes, I cut out the fast food and limited dining out to just special occasions. I committed myself to 5-6x a week exercising with a balance of strength training + cardio! Consistency is KEY!

How long did it take you to lose your weight?
It took me 18 months in total to lose officially 100lbs (45kgs)  however I found that I grew an unhealthy relationship with the scale and began to really restrict my food intake. I also found that I would skip the strength training sessions because when I would weigh in the scale would go up so instead I overdid the cardio. I was chasing a perfect number on the scale without realizing that I was ruining my metabolism and actually burning off muscle + storing more fat. I ended up with this ‘perfect number’ reflected on the scale but was left unhappy because I didn’t look or feel like I was at my goal, I was the dreaded ‘skinny fat’ and was VERY unhappy with how I looked outside of clothes. This led me to back to the weight room to build more muscle!! I needed to focus on losing FAT not just losing WEIGHT. It can be a mind game to see the scale go back up BUT when you track measurements/photos instead of just going off the scale for progress you begin to retrain your mind! I have comparison photos on my Instagram account @brennaalex comparing myself at the SAME WEIGHT with way less body fat because of sexy lean muscle gains!

Did you do any exercise during your weight loss journey?
I was consistent with exercise throughout my entire journey and still to this day (over 10 YEARS later)! I not only lost weight but I’ve made it a sustainable lifestyle change that I’ve been able to maintain for over a decade. I strength train 5-6x a week and incorporate lots of HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio.

What was your biggest motivation?
I’m a sucker for fashion so I was always motivated by the latest trends and actually being able to find them in my size! I used clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.. often as ‘rewards’ for hitting milestones during my journey..

What was the hardest part about losing weight?
The hardest part was hitting a 6 month plateau that I cried and cried about thinking I was stuck and would never get past. I never once gave up, I hit the gym day in and day out however it wasn’t until I got real with my food intake that I was able to break through and continue to progress.

What used to be your favourite food?
Hmmm I love all kinds of food! I’d say pizza or pasta with white sauce.. Oohhh or maybe chocolate or PANCAKES! Haha

What is your favourite food now?
I’m all about B A L A N C E so I do not restrict and still enjoy those yummy foods like pizza, pasta, chocolate and pancakes BUT I eat these things in moderation and I don’t allow it to completely derail my entire day/week. Some healthy dishes I really enjoy are scrambled eggs with veggies, turkey tacos, turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers and protein pancakes w/ cream cheese topping!

Favourite body part?
I love my curves!! My small waistline and voluptuous hips. I love the curves in my shoulders and back, the curves I’m building in my legs and booty! All of it!

How did you reward your accomplishments?
I’m addicted to buying gym apparel and tennis shoes!

Now that you’ve lost weight, how do you keep it off?
I’ve made it into a lifestyle change! I’m mindful of my food, I look at a plate of food SO much differently than before. I see clean and processed foods. I see protein/carbs/fat not just the food itself. I continue to workout 6x a week and even began hosting online fitness challenges through my Instagram account where I am able to inspire people all over the world! I do the workouts along with everyone else so it’s like we are virtually working out together!

What was your dream “skinny” outfit once you lost weight?
I love a good pair of skinny jeans, knee high boots and a tight fitting long sleeve shirt (in the Fall) or a slinky tank top in the summertime!

Do people treat you differently now that you’re thinner?
My core group of family and friends never treated me any differently, they always loved me! I did however notice an increase in attention from the opposite sex – haha!

How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight?
I feel like I’m truly LIVING life! I don’t let my weight/size hold me back from doing anything!

What’s your #1 weight loss tip?
Be consistent! Don’t fall into the trap of harshly restricting calories and doing lots of cardio. Do the research, our bodies actually need much more than that in order to lose or you’ll begin to hold weight and feel discouraged. Learn to listen to your body and feed it when it’s hungry – choose clean whole foods and leaved the processed/chemical packed “food like products” on the shelf. Don’t be afraid to lift weights! You can build your body/curves, tighten your shape all through strength training! Most importantly – learn to love yourself throughout the process, remember that this is not just a physical change but also an emotional journey. Trust in yourself and forgive yourself for not being perfect – after all, it’s our imperfections that’s what makes us who we are!

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