salad in a jar 101

If you’re always rushing around in the mornings and never have time to make your lunch, the salad in a jar is going to be your new bff. You can make these the night before, pop them in fridge and they’re all ready for you to grab and go when you’re rushing out the door for work or school in the mornings.

here’s the 101 on making the perfect salad in a jar.

The main thing you need to get right when making a salad in a jar is the layering.

  • Always add your dressing into the jar first. This is so the top layer of greens don’t go soggy, trust me there is nothing worse than a soggy salad!!!
  • After the dressing add your other salad elements like tomatoes, grated carrot, corn but not the leafy greens.
  • Next add your crunch element. Nuts, seeds, thinly sliced apples, ect.
  • It’s carb time. Add your quinoa, rice or pasta, ect.
  • Now it’s time for your protein. Tuna, chicken, beef, tofu, ect.
  • Lastly add your leafy greens. You may really need to squish everything down to fit a good amount of greens into the jar.

That’s the layering done. Now all that’s left to do now it tightly screw on the lid and store it upright in the fridge. When you’re ready to devour it, simply turn the jar upside down for a couple of minutes. This allows the dressing to drip down and coat all the salad elements. You can either eat it straight from the jar or empty onto a plate!

Here are some salad in a jar recipes to give you some inspiration.

Buffalo Chicken Jar Salad

buffalo chicken jar salad

Taco Salad in a Jar

taco salad in a jar

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